The £1.3m renovation of the Abbey Meadow Outdoor Pool is nearly complete opens Saturday 16th June...

The temporary pool roof has now been taken down, into final few weeks of works

In the press
The history of the pool
Its official a date for the opening of the refurbished Abbey Meadow outdoor pool has now been set for Saturday 16th June. There will be an official opening event during the morning with gates open to the public at 1pm

The Vale of the White Horse District council has invested £1.3m in the rebuilding work. The improvements include joining the original two pool tanks together to one larger pool and beach area, plus complete refurbishment of the changing rooms. 

Who are the Friends of Abbey Meadows Outdoor Pool?
We are an enthusiastic group of volunteers who love outdoor swimming and feel that the outdoor pool is one of Abingdon's greatest assets – and we take every opportunity we can to let everyone know it.

Please get in touch if you'd like to join the Friends and get involved in the pool's future

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