The Vale have cut OUR pool season to 6 weeks, OPEN 25th July 2022...

Yes folks. After £1.3m of public expenditure in 2018, our much
loved pool now has the short swim season of any pool in England

The people of Abingdon deserve better than this, please sign the petition

In 2018 after years of campaigning the Vale of the White Horse District council invested £1.3m renovating the outdoor pool. The pool was transformed by joining the original two pool tanks together to one larger pool and beach area, plus complete refurbishment of the changing rooms. 

Prices, Sessions and Opening Hours 2021’
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Who are the Friends of Abbey Meadows Outdoor Pool?
We are an enthusiastic group of volunteers who love outdoor swimming and feel that the outdoor pool is one of Abingdon's greatest assets – and we take every opportunity we can to let everyone know it.

Please get in touch if you'd like to join the Friends, or perhaps you'd like to provide feedback on your experience as a user
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